Certified destruction of documentation


Custar S.L.  offer full warranty on eliminating both on paper and other magnetic or optical media.
We work on destruction of documents or via deposits lodged in their offices by establishing a procedure for deleting documents are performed.
Custar S.L. takes care of everything. We have an industrial shredder will generate waste prepared for recycling and one for all digital formats.


Essential for the security of your information.

  1. Installation of containers (with lock) on the customer’s premises.
  2. Collection and transport using secure resources.
  3. Destruction of confidential hardcopy documentation performed at our facilities with Security Level 3 according to the DIN 32757-1 standard.
  4. Destruction of confidential documentation in electronic format performed at our facilities according to the EN 15713 standard.
  5. Certified process.
  6. Destruction of electronic media and hard disks.