Document management and storage




Our company provides to our clients customized solutions for custody of their documentation. Custar SL adapts to the needs of each customer by offering different solutions depending on the type of activity, type of documentation, response time, format, accessibility, security ….

Custar SL is a leader in the application of new technologies in the field of document management. The company has a custom-designed software configurable according to the needs of each client for managing all documentation custody. This software allows continuous traceability of the documentation custody.

Facilities of Custar SL are equipped with the measures legally established in prevention and fire fighting, as well as other rules applicable to the custody of documents and security on data protection (LOPD), having the appropriate action security alarms and fire detection, smoke and moisture.

Custar SL has its own means of transport to guarantee that the requested documents on time and in perfect condition.

Advantages for customer

  • The documentation it’s sorted and stored in high quality normalized containers  ensuring their safety, integrity, confidentiality and availability.
  • Quick access to documentation kept. Thanks to the file system and management software that we use the documentation kept can be retrieved quickly and safely to make it available to the Customer when he needs it.
  • Outsourcing of documentary custody frees the resources that companies spend to maintain documentation to be allocated to the own activity of your business.
  • Scalability and technological developments without continued investment.